Friday, March 5, 2010

heat, light, fallen angels

i don't trust myself to be able to read my handwriting again from today because it is maybe more decorative than actually functional. so i will slap the most comprehensible notes up here for now:
saul is now a character to just be representative of all possible moral failures. to complement the existential failure in themes of oceanic reverence i will now do a more specific law based ethical failure which will not be called "where can the light come from?" because that is not even titlesque it is just a failed abortion of a botched first sentence; still, it contains some of the point here. sorry saul, you are my ethical whipping post. maybe one day i will write you into something where you are not an abject failure.
ToOR: fallen man, earth as biblical clay,water as life/polluted love or future, existential angst from lack of decision making process, failure to preserve anything even ones own self. renewal of femininity to earth in age.
New:light as holiness/life/perfection, saul as fallen "angel" existent in eternity, heat vs light (sunrise vs sunset paragraph which is probably totally illegible goddamnit but perfect for this purpose), moral judgement made but in human error. feminine as merely backdrop? is this one too enlightenment for actual human interaction? have supplemental story like Themes but about the connection? too contrived maybe.

"Evening provides nothing helpful- death, decline, old age, sultry slides into immorality and velvet lust...but the dawn is both cold and bitterly renewing, amoral and constitutional, impersonal- yet deeply alone with itself. A dawn shared does not always bode well, but it does always mean well..."

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Theodore Nordsieck said...

saul is now a character to just be representative of all possible moral failures

Not an advocate of the Doctrine of the Mean, I take it?