Saturday, February 16, 2008

story frame

schadenfreude, roman holiday, epicaricacy: malicious glee or gloating
mudita, sympathetic joy, or pleasure in another;s good fortune.

story: Mudita: female, passive, joyful, life affirming, naive, proud (but appears humble)
Roman: male, lazy ("always on holiday", haha clever) also proud, etc for above

both have hubris; both will fall. gods have no regard for human feelings towards one another.

ah thank god, i can delete this snippet i've had open for a day or so. hopefully i'll actually come back to this- i've had a serious hubris story in me fighting to claw its way into the cold unfeeling world- hubris is less important now because we've already taken the fall. only, the punishment meted did nothing to deter we fear not the gods and scoff at the petty fear of retribution.

i would argue that we are very, painfully wrong.

oh, and that's a joke about "having a hubris story"...all i am capable of writing is self-aware metafictional existential male characters suffering in the fallout of hubris, and so self absorbed they can't pull their heads out of their dark, metaphoric asshole to notice beauty.

to keep with the teenage angst publishing of selfawareness on this blog...i just read the above to discover that i actually am a feminist. whew! "second sex" aside, i thought my woman card was revoked years ago!

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